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The G-Free Diet Guide Book

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The G-Free Diet Guide Book: For years, Elisabeth Hasselbeck couldn't figure out what was making her sick. She asked doctors and consulted nutritionists, but no one seemed to have any answers. It wasn't until spending time in the Australian Outback, living off the land on the grueling Survivor TV show, that, ironically, her symptoms vanished. Returning home, she pinpointed the food that made her sick—gluten, the binding element in wheat. In this all-inclusive book, Hasselbeck shares her hard-earned wisdom on living life without gluten and loving it. She gives you everything you need to know to start living a gluten-free life, from defining gluten—where to find it, how to read food labels—to targeting gluten-free products, creating G-Free shopping lists, sharing recipes, and managing G-Free living with family and friends. By Elisabeth Hasselbeck, 234 pages, Softcover. This book may have a small Remainder Mark. EAN: 9781599951898
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