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The Darwin Awards Countdown to Extinction Book

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The Darwin Awards Countdown to Extinction Book: The newest installment of the human race's most "devastatingly" popular humor series. The Darwin Awards are more than just a brand. They're a pop culture phenomenon. With six books and a website that draws in more than a million unique visitors every month, the Darwin Awards rivals The Onion and The Simpsons as one of the biggest humor franchises in the world. Fully illustrated and featuring all-new tales of the marvelously macabre, The Darwin Awards Countdown to Extinction chronicles the astonishing acts of individuals who have taken a swan dive into the shallow end of the gene pool. From attaching a five-horsepower engine to a barstool, to hammering a metal hook into an explosive device, to using a Taser to treat a snake bite, these gloriously gruesome incidents prove that the countdown (to human extinction) is well under way. By Wendy Northcutt. This book may have a small Remainder Mark. EAN: 9780452297364

By: Plume Books
MPN: 9780452297364
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