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Olde English Pubs 2013 Wall Calendar

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Olde English Pubs Wall Calendar: The word “Pub” is the informal name for a “public house” which is an establishment that can serve alcoholic drinks on site. A British tradition, the pub is an inextricable part of English life. Nothing better than heading down to the common for time with friends, maybe watching some football (soccer) and grabbing a pint. A tradition that persists to modern day, most pubs have illustrated signs hanging outside the building. This is a throwback to the time of King Richard III who compelled pub owners to hang such a sign or they would have to forfeit their ale! In the late 14th century, most of the population couldn’t read, so the pub sign would be illustrated so that the pub would be recognizable to visitors. This delightfully quirky calendar features a selection of England’s distinctive pubs. EAN: 9781421600642
By: BrownTrout
MPN: 9781421600642
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