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The Walking Dead Card Game

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ID: 201400012780
The Walking Dead Card Game: The Walking Dead Card Game includes ten character cards and two modes of play: Survival and Hero. To play the game, shuffle the 104 number cards, lay out four cards face-up to start the four rows, then deal a number of cards to each player. Each turn, players simultaneously choose and reveal a card from their hand, then add the cards to the rows, with cards being placed in ascending order based on their number; each card is placed in the row that ends with the highest number that's below the card's number. When the sixth card is placed in a row, the owner of that card claims the other five cards and the sixth card becomes the first card in a new row. In addition to a number from 1 to 104, each card has a zombie point value. For 2-10 players ages 15 and up. UPC: 815442015426

Dimensions: 4.0" x  7.5" x  1.5"
Age: 15
By: Cryptozoic Entertainment
MPN: 815442015426
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