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Office Time Killers 2013 Desk Calendar

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ID: 201300000472
Office Time Killers Desk Calendar: Millions of work hours are wasted every year by employees trying to figure out how to while away their day. Surfing the Internet is passé, handheld video games are too noisy, and gabbing around the watercooler is nothing if not cliché. Now workers can spend the precious hours between 9 and 5 where they should—hunched over a desk, pretending to work. With Office Time-Killers 2013 Day-to-Day Calendar you can pretend to be scribbling notes when, in actuality, you're practicing your doodling skills! Filled with a year's worth of picture-starters, games, and simple activities, this is the perfect way to let your mind wander, channel excess energy, or figure out what animal will appear once you connect the dots. Chock-full of enough fun to waste an entire year, including doodle-starters, scene-finishers, matching games, and fill-in-the-blanks. UPC: 676728025047 EAN: 9780789325044
By: Universe Publishing
MPN: 676728025047
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