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Golden Retrievers For Dummies Book

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For the past decade, the Golden Retriever has ranked among the five most popular breeds registered with the AKC, with more than 65,000 Goldens registered every year. The Golden Retriever?s personality is as golden as his outer coat. He was bred to pl

Golden Retrievers for Dummies Book: Golden Retrievers For Dummies is intended for busy 21st century dog owners who don’t have time to sit down and read through 300 pages at a crack. This is a reference you can jump in and out of as dog questions rear their furry heads. This handy guide is also for you if:  You own a Golden Retriever or are thinking about getting one; You've just brought home a Golden pup; You want to find the best way to raise and train your Golden; or, You want to help your Golden to not just survive but to thrive.  Find out what it takes to own this active, intelligent, and friendly dog. Explore the Golden's personality traits and living requirements. Discover which diseases are hereditary. This reference guide covers all the aspects of dog ownership. Softcover.