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Driving Lessons Book

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Driving Lessons Book: When Steve Friedman was a child growing up in the suburbs of St. Louis, the game of golf was, to him, mysterious and dark. His father's passion for it caused friction in his marriage and eluded the interest of his youngest son, who was devoted instead to basketball. For that and many other reasons, the two failed to bond, ultimately leading to an awkward and unhappy relationship. But Friedman never forgot the love his father had for golf, and after many years, when he was in his forties, he reached out and asked his dad to teach him the game. This small volume is the sweet yet unsentimental story of that experience—the tale of two men using the game of golf to find a way to connect with each other across decades of disagreement and misunderstanding. For anyone who is a golfer, a father, or a son, this book will be a treasure. By Steve Friedman, 105 pages, Hardcover. This book may have a small Remainder Mark. ISBN: 1605291250 EAN: 9781605291253
Author: Steve Friedman
Dimensions: 5.24" x  7.16" x  0.6"
Page Count: 105
Cover: Hardcover
By: Rodale Books
MPN: 1605291250
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