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Chekchek Game

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ID: 201300007437
Chekchek Game: ChekChek is a new board game that is a variation on Chess with a little bit of Checkers thrown in and a spinner to add a level of randomness. The set-up on the board is exactly like Chess with pawns, rooks, knights, bishops, and queens. Instead of a king, you have a jester. The object is not to capture the jester but to take all your opponent's pieces off the board. The pieces move in the traditional way of Chess pieces, and they capture pieces in the same way. That's about where the similarity to Chess ends. If you land on a jester space, you spin the spinner and follow the action that you land on. This can be anything from losing a turn, losing a piece, turning your piece into a queen, or flipping the game board around so that you're now playing with your opponent's pieces. Whenever a piece gets to the other side of the board, it becomes a queen, which is similar to making a king in Checkers. UPC:856658001759

Dimensions: 10.5" x  10.5" x  2.5"
Age: 5
By: Diggin
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