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WTF College Book

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ID: 201300021044
WTF? College Book: Your roommate keeps piling crap on your side of the room. It's the day before Christmas break and your ride home ditches you. Your knee gives out and you lose your baseball scholarship. Halfway through your final semester, you realize you're a credit short of graduating. And all you can think is... WTF? Like Rodney Dangerfield in Back to School, we're heading to campus to lend a helping hand to all those college kids who can't quite make the grade. Inside they'll find hilarious solutions to all the obstacles that lie between them and that elusive diploma. From indecisions about major selection to problems picking up that hot classmate to cramming for finals, this book covers all the awful, awkward, and annoying instances that would have college students IMing, posting, or texting: WTF? Be it in the dorm room or classroom, during finals week or spring break, campus's most f*#!-ed-up situations are handled in this entertaining step-by-step guide. UPC: 045079500358 EAN: 9781440500350
Author: Gregory Bergman and Jodi Miller
Dimensions: 5.5" x  6.25" x  0.5"
Page Count: 240
Cover: Paperback
By: F&W Media
MPN: 9780982305782
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