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Elements Vault Book

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Elements Vault Book: Theodore Gray's Elements Vault builds on Gray's best-selling book with all new text, plus removable historic letters and other artifacts and collectible samples of real elements. Organized into the nine major groups of the periodic table, including the alkali metals, the alkali earth metals, the transition metals, the nonmetals, the metalloids, the halogens, the noble gases, the actinides, and the lanthanides, Elements Vault includes all new text, new photographs, and even more information about the elements. This hardcover book also includes 20 removable historic documents related to the elements and the field of chemistry. Each of these documents is individually packaged in an envelope attached to the book page. Also here is a gorgeous 20" x 10" poster of the unique rainbow spectrum emitted by each element in the periodic table. Also included are real samples of pure elements! Filled with Theo Gray's and Nick Mann's trademark stunning photography throughout!. ISBN: 1579128807 EAN: 9781579128807
By: Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers
MPN: 9781579128807
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