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Duck Dynasty Si Robertson Wacky Wobbler

Our Price $14.99
ID: 201400014947
The men of Duck Dynasty have been turned into some fantastic talking wacky wobblers! This Duck Dynasty Si Robertson Talking Bobble Head features Phil's brother in wonderful talking bobbler form. Measuring 7 1/2-inches tall, this fantastic guy will look great on your desk at home or at the office and will help keep you entertained during those slow parts of the day! Ages 5 and up. The Si Robertson Wacky Wobbler states the following 5 phrases (subject to chane): "How you like me now, Jack?" "It's automatic, hey can mean yes, hey can mean maybe, hey could mean no. The bottom line is you have to understand me to understand hey." "I'm down like a rodeo clown." "Do we look like beauty contestants to you?" "Work hard, laugh hard, that's what I always say, Jack." UPC: 849803035631

Dimensions: 8.12" x  3.87 " x  3.87 "
Publisher: Funko
Product ID: 201400014947
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