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Wizard of Oz Monopoly

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ID: 201400011707
Wizard of Oz Monopoly: Game features an entirely new way to play Monopoly!! "We're Off to See the Wizard!" This Monopoly game is the first of its kind and immerses the player into Oz in a most unusual and fun way. Now you can not only travel the Monopoly game board buying , selling and trading real estate themed to THE WIZARD OF OZ , but you now traverse INTO THE LAND OF OZ itself - which literally pops up from the middle of the game and brings the movie to life! Classic locations from the film spring to life in full 3-D with a beautifully designed and fully playable pop-up game board center. The Land of Oz is viewable from 360 degreees and follows the Wizard od Oz story in its entirety. Starting off in Kansas - and in sepia - the film's storyline, like the pop-up itself, unfolds as you make your way around the game board buying and selling the Gale Farm, Munchkinland, the EMERALD CITY, the WICKED WITCH castle and ultimately Home. For 2-4 Players ages 8+ years

Dimensions: 10.5" x  15.75" x  2.5"
By: U.S.A.OPOLY, Inc.
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