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String Thing Limbo

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ID: 201000010425
Can You Imagine all the fun and laughter of a limbo party any time any where? Can You Imagine a portable sound and light experience to liven up any party? We did! Presenting String Thing Limbo™ the high tech game that goes anywhere you want to limbo! String Thing Limbo™ is a portable self contained limbo dance party, ready to play anytime you are! Just turn it on adjust the height dial, press the music button and limbo the night away! Lower the lights and you can play in the dark! String Thing Limbo™ has a built-in black light and a black light responsive rainbow colored string to create a magical sound and light experience. How Low Can You Go! For even more fun lift the String Thing Limbo™ out of its base and try it hand held, or try your hand at creating a few tricks. The fun never ends with the String Thing Limbo™! Fun for all ages! UPC: 604020041403
Dimensions: 6.0" x  9.75" x  4.5"
By: Can You Imagine
MPN: 604020041403
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