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Disney Rummikub Game

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ID: 201100008594
Disney Rummikub Game: All of your favorite Disney classic characters join in creating a version of Rummikub that’s a totally fun experience while helping kids learn about numbers, colors and shape recognition. There are three levels of play that allow the children to develop at their own pace while feeling good about themselves every step of the way. For beginners, use the tiles on your rack and the tiles you pick up to make pairs of groups, which consist of the same character, or a run of two numbers in a row. Intermediate play adds jokers to the mix. Now, when you get a joker, you can use it to take the place of any number or any color tile. When you are ready for the advanced level, you must make runs and groups of at least three tiles just like the way the original Rummikub is played! Intended for 2-4 players ages 4 and up. UPC: 021853004052

By: Pressman Toy Co.
MPN: 021853004052
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