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Connect 4 U-Build Game

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ID: 201100010832
Connect 4 U-Build Game: U-Build Connect 4 combines the family favorite of Connect 4 with customizable U-Build bricks that create a unique game experience every time the game is played. Start by building a grid using U-BUILD bricks that snap into the game unit. Once the grid is built, players drop their red and yellow checkers into the top of the game and watch as the checker bounces down into a row. Add U-Build bumper arms to the top of the grid to help to steer a checker into a chosen row in your attempt to get four in a row. Bumper bricks can be used to assist a score or used as a defensive move to keep the opponent from scoring. Drop the checkers and see where they land—slide, bump and block your way to victory! Intended for two players ages 6 and up. UPC: 653569525127

Dimensions: 10.5" x  15.75" x  2.63"
By: Hasbro
MPN: 653569525127
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