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MTG Core 2014 Set Intro Pack

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ID: 201400044407

MTG Core 2014 Set Intro Pack: New edition of the anticipated annual MagicTM Core Set! Brand new cards are introduced, a few favorites return, and the standard tournament environment is invigorated with fresh ideas for decks. The Magic2014 Core Set offers impressive cards for Magic players of all experience levels; including a new version of a popular creature type, Slivers. Easy transition from Magic 2014 - Duels of the Planeswalkers! The Magic 2014 Core set is the best product for helping new players discover everything that Magic has to offer. Each of the offerings are designed to assist the advancement of a player, taking them from being a beginner to a seasoned expert that's ready to participate in organized play. Offering the entire catalogof Magic 2014 Core Set products gives you the right tools to turn a new player into a long-term member of your community. Each item is sold separately. UPC: 653569828471

Dimensions: 7.13" x  3.75 " x  6.19 "
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast, LLC
Product ID: 201400044407
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