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Butterflies: Decoding Their Signs and Symbols Book

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Butterflies: Decoding Their Signs and Symbols Book: People have always marveled at the colors, patterns and designs on the wings of butterflies and moths, but there has been little attempt to decode them or to recognize any great significance in them. In Butterflies: Decoding Their Signs & Symbols Philip Howse explains how these markings protect butterflies and moths from their principal predators. These insectivores, he argues, detect their prey by perceiving small details of shape and color rather than the "whole picture" of the insect. These details can create an illusion that camouflages the butterfly or threatens its predator. If humans look at the detail on a butterfly in the way that a bird sees it, surprising images reveal themselves: owls' eyes, snakes' heads, caterpillars, lizards, wasps, scorpions, birds' beaks, feathers. Howse explores how these signs and symbols, so important in the animal world, became archetypal symbols in our world. Hardcover. ISBN: 1554077737 EAN: 9781554077731
Author: Philip Howse
Dimensions: 9.8" x  11.9" x  1.0"
Page Count: 192
Cover: Hardcover
By: Firefly Books
MPN: 9781554077731
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