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What I Hate From A to Z Book

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What I Hate From A to Z Book: The pages of the New Yorker are hallowed ground for cartoonists, and for the last thirty years, Roz Chast has helped set the magazine's cartooning standard, while creating work that is unmistakably her own—characterized by her shaggy lines, an ecstatic way with words, and her characters' histrionic masks of urban and suburban anxiety, bedragglement, and elation. What I Hate is an A to Z of epic horrors and daily pleasantries, including but by no means limited to rabies, abduction, tunnels, and the triple-layered terror of Jell-O 1-2-3. With never-before-published, full-page cartoons for every letter, and supplemental text to make sure the proper fear is instilled in every heart, Chast's alphabetical compendium will resonate with anyone well-versed in the art of avoidance—and make an instructive gift for anyone who might be approaching life with unhealthy unconcern. By Roz Chast. Hardcover.
Author: Roz Chast
Dimensions: 7.75" x  9.5" x  0.38"
Page Count: 64
Cover: Hardcover
By: Bloomsbury Publishing
MPN: 9781608196890
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