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Pit Bull Barron's Dog Bible

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Pit Bull Barron's Dog Bible: Each title in Barron's brand-new Dog Bibles Series for dog lovers and prospective dog purchasers discusses a specific dog breed in detail, describes the title breed's physical traits, history, and behavior characteristics, and instructs owners on training methods. Important topics covered include: Choosing a puppy; Everyday care, grooming and exercise; Nutrition, health maintenance, and potential breed-specific health problems; and Training and play activities. Extra features include sidebars with breed facts and helpful hints, quick tips on training, and 150-to-200 attractive color photos. A hidden spiral binding ensures that the book will stay open and flat at any desired page. A DVD is enclosed with each book. It presents an informal dog training course for new owners, describing methods for house training, walking dogs on a leash, and teaching obedience to hand signals and vocal commands. ISBN: 1438071574 UPC: 027011471575
By: Barrons Educational Series Inc
MPN: 027011471575
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