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The Grand Tour Book

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The Grand Tour Book: This unique guide to our Solar System actually puts you in the thick of Saturn's rings, where countless billions of particles—some as large as basketballs—circle in perpetual orbit. Lands you on Jupiter's battered moon, Callisto, to stand at the foot of giant ice spires. Sends you years into space to Pluto—is it a planet? A comet? Something else? You'll visit one body turning inside out, and another barely more than a mile wide—but so pure a chunk of nickel-iron that it will be worth a trillion dollars to the first explorers who claim it. Each world is as real, as distinct, as compelling as our own, each yielding its secrets to the data-gathering missions of recent spacecraft. This is a dazzling voyage of discovery. Paperback. ISBN: 0761135472 EAN: 9780761135470
Author: William K. Hartmann and Ron Miller
Dimensions: 7.8" x  9.76" x  0.79"
Page Count: 304
Cover: Paperback
By: Workman Publishing Company
MPN: 9780761135470
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