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Cosmos Book

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A dramatic photographic tour of the universe. The observable universe contains some hundred billion galaxies?each one made up of as many stars. Of the vast billions of stars, only a scant 5,000 are actually visible from Earth with the naked eye. Over the last twenty years, space probes and space-bas
Cosmos Book: The observable universe contains some hundred billion galaxies—each one made up of as many stars. Cosmos showcases magnificent celestial objects of unparalleled beauty, gathering the most dramatic images of the night sky—from close planets and our sun to the most remote galaxies. It features the latest images from space from sources including Hubble, NASA and the European Space Agency. The light of some stars and galaxies take several billion years to reach to us. In fact some of the blazing stars featured in Cosmos are already dead. This remarkable voyage shows frozen and fiery worlds of stars and galaxies as they are created and as they are dying. By Sylvia Arditi. Hardcover. ISBN: 1552979326 EAN: 9781552979327