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Stupid Science Book

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Stupid Science Book: New York Times best-selling humorist Leland Gregory chronicles laboratory experiments gone awry, modern-day mad scientists, and scientific mythconceptions inside Stupid Science. Consider these cases of misdirected human activity, each in the name of science: The Illinois Department of Conservation spent $180,000 to study the contents of owl vomit. Georgia State University psychology professor James Dabbs discovered in 1988 that trial lawyers have about 30 percent more testosterone in their bodies than normal people (regardless of gender). Dabbs stated in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology that high testosterone levels are often linked to aggressiveness and "antisocial behavior." We all knew that lawyers were full of something—now we know it's testosterone. What do stinky cheese and unclean feet have in common? They both attract mosquitoes according to a November 8, 1996 article from Reuters. This book may have a small Remainder Mark. EAN: 9780740779909

By: Andrews McMeel
MPN: 9780740779909
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