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Animals Behaving Badly Book

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Animals Behaving Badly Book: There's a lot that animals don't want you to know, and the better their public image, the worse their secrets are: gang-rapist dolphins; lazy, infanticidal lions; and, of course, our own dogs, who eat our money, set our houses on fire, and in more than one case, actually shoot their owners with guns. Animals Behaving Badly shows that animals are just like us: gluttonous, selfish, violent, lustful, and always looking out for number one. Using anecdotes from the news and from scientific research, Linda Lombardi pokes fun at our softhearted preconceptions about animals, makes us feel a little better about humanity's basest impulses, and painlessly teaches us a bit more about our furry and feathered friends. By Linda Lombardi. This book may have a small Remainder Mark. EAN: 9780399536977

Author: Linda Lombardi
Dimensions: 5.0" x  8.0" x  1.0"
Page Count: 224
Cover: Paperback
By: Perigee Trade
MPN: 9780399536977
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