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Garage Band Board Game

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ID: 200900011710
Garage Band Board Game: Garage Band: If you love rock and roll, don’t put a dime in the juke box, baby, just dig into Garage Band: The Game, the shout-out-loud, bang-your-head game of rock and roll trivia. In this gig players form teams and receive a set of clues. The fewer clues it takes you to guess the answer, the more points you receive. Be the first team to earn 300 points and win the game! The Kinks? Black Sabbath? Def Leppard? You bet your flying Fender they’re in this game! But can you place the clues with the band or performer? Grab your roadies and find out. Garage Band: The Game includes over 528 rock and roll trivia questions stretching over five decades and is your backstage pass to the game of Rock and Roll! Includes 132 cards (total of 528 puzzles); 1 score pad; and 2 pencils. For 4 or more players; ages 15 and up. UPC: 183338000567

By: Discovery Bay Games
MPN: 183338000567
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