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Monopoly City

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ID: 201100006310
Monopoly City: Monopoly City is the Monopoly game that lets you build in an instant and create the perfect city. Build on every Go and watch your city fortune grow. Instead of property deeds, players acquire permits for the zones marked by the properties in the traditional Monopoly layout. Players build from a selection of 80 3-D buildings in the center of the board. From stadiums to skyscrapers, you start building from the start. Develop your buildings cleverly to maximize your profit and bring the price of your opponent's property down. Build wisely and rake in the rent to be the top property developer and the prestigious Monopoly tower could be yours! Monopoly City still uses cold hard cash, but also makes use of an electronic device to assert the economic conditions of the game. Intended for 2-6 players ages 8 and up. UPC: 653569396321

By: Hasbro
MPN: 653569396321
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