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History Timeline Observation 500 Piece Puzzle

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ID: 201200010824
History Timeline Observation 500 Piece Puzzle: Explore the passage of time and major historical events with this wonderful cartoon history puzzle from Djeco. The Djeco History Time Line Observation Puzzle begins with mammoths and early man and progresses through Bronze Age settlements. The drawings move to the American War of Independence, industrialization and the World Wars, modern history and the space race. It ends on a positive depiction of world unity with children forging a future of co-operation. The puzzle is a marvelous 500 piece spiral puzzle suitable for age 8+ and includes a booklet which explains some of the major events explored in the jigsaw and also includes 4 observation disks which have items from the puzzle drawn on them. These disks can be used to turn the completed puzzle into a game, a finding race or even for extending the educational opportunities of the jigsaw if used as a seek and explain tool.

Dimensions: 9.1" x  13.3" x  1.8"
By: Djeco
MPN: 3070900074002
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